Tiger MKIA

Midway through MK1production, the VIN number sequencing was changed and these Tigers became commonly known MK1A's beginning with chassis number B38200001. The MKIA remained unchanged mechanically but several styling changes were made outwardly and within the cabin. Notably The hard metal convertible top bins had been replaced with vinyl covers. The door cards and tops were changed and the SUNBEAM lettering on the nose deleted. The ‘cross-over’ body shells from around B38200800 were further modified slightly by the trailing edges of the boot now matching those of the bonnet and doors. The MKIA production was almost all exported so there are very few HRO MKIA Tigers. As a consequence most MKIA’s found in the UK are re-imports that have been converted to RHD. A Chrysler pentastar was now fitted on the lower right hand wing and the wing emblem reads Sunbeam V8.

In late 1965 the European model became more commonly known as the Sunbeam Alpine V8. These ‘Tigers’ with the VIN suffix LRO FE remained the same as the home market model specification wise. However, some export cars to Europe were also supplied wearing LRX FE on their VIN number plates. A fine detail but worth ensuring whether your machine is an original European spec model or a re-imported model from North America.


  • B38200001-B38202706
  • Total Built 2706
  • 260-cid / 4261cc V8 Ford Inc. engine with iron cylinder heads
  • 4 speed Ford gear box
  • Standard 2.88:1 rear axle
  • Factory Colours - Moonstone, Embassy Black, Carnival Red, Wedgewood Blue, Midnight Blue, Balmoral Grey, Forest Green, Arctic White, Mediterranean Blue 
  • ST Models Only