Alpine SII

The Series I and Series II look the same, but they are very different Alpines. The Series II Alpine arrived in October 1960. Sporting an all new 1592cc motor, the Series II had the performance the Alpine had been lacking. 19,956 were produced by February 1963. The Series II saw many changes during its production. The most obvious came in the latest Series II's that were produced in 1963. The hinges were changed to allow the bonnet to fully open. This caused the bonnet prop rod to be moved to the right side of the engine compartment.

This is one of three different prop rod locations found on Series II Alpines. A Series II can be identified by the B91 prefix of the Chassis (VIN) number. The side window posts have been redesigned and are now made from steel and extend to the top of the windscreen. The later Series II's also changed from steel wheels with small holes to wheels with larger holes. These new wheels were painted white instead of body colour as before. Other additions to the Series II were a smaller diameter steering wheel, wider rear springs, redesigned top storage doors, and the addition of "cant-rails" to stiffen the edge of the convertible top around the side windows. A rain gutter was also added to the inside of the door tops.


  • B9100000 - B9119956
  • Total Built 19,956
  • 1592cc Rootes engine with Aluminium cylinder head
  • 4 speed gear box with optional electric overdrive
  • Standard 3.89:1 rear end (4.22:1 with OD)
  • Factory Colours - Moonstone, Embassy Black, Carnival Red, Seacrest Green, Lake Blue, Wedgewood Blue